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It generally does not occur to us when we are young and carefree professionals that life won't be as fast someday, as you won't be so. While today we are capable of working sixteen out of 24 hours, someday we might find ourselves struggling to manage with even ten. It's inevitable you will age, and it's inexorable you will want or be forced to retire. So what've you been doing to policy for this event? Only waiting to be at the mercy of the saving accounts of 401 k planning?

But the initial question is do you know enough about pension retirement planning at all. Pension, superannuation, and retirement plans, each one is synonymous and interchangeable words. While the word mostly found in US is retirement plans, UK and Ireland calls theirs as pension schemes, and Australia and New Zealand address it as superannuation plans.

Many of these make provisions to give to people a controlled regular income even once they stop working. Mostly the pension plan is looked after by the organization which employs you. They maintain a savings account of 401k planning, which also defers taxes. This type of pension is recognized as employer or occupational pension and the retirement income is of deferred compensation type. It might or may not need a component of life insurance or severance pay. In severance pay though, all the amount of saving is paid at one go, in a lump sum, unlike retirement income. Thus, you can say your retirement planning is in fact like a long haul care insurance.

Pension retirement plans may also be provided for by Labour Unions, government and sometimes also lotteries. Social Security is one of the retirement planning funds maintained by the State for maintaining its aging citizens. In in addition it, one must keep contributing some amount towards your retirement income. Depending on the record of one's contribution history, your pension retirement will probably be decided.

When we overlook the ownership of the pension fund, then we could divide retirement planning methods into broadly two main categories; defined benefit and defined contribution.

Since the name suggests, both have one component. Either the advantage or the contribution is more clearly chalked out, while the others may or might not be as certain and quantifiable. So in defined benefit, you know the exact amount of your retirement income that you'd get. While in defined contribution, the pension retirement money which comes to you eventually varies. Its basis is the choices of investment into stocks or mutual funds etc that you made while you're contributing.

To offer best of both the worlds, you have a special retirement plan called Cash balance. Because of their dual features, they are also referred to as as hybrid plans.

It is important that while retirement planning, for women or men, one must know how the scheme of things work and what've been their shortcomings through the years, which then you can look out for. visit for more information